‘Watson Knows Less About Sports Than My Grandmother.’



The Voter comments on the sports acumen of Mayor Jim Watson.

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Now The Voter:

Please, please tell me the caption in the photo doesn’t say “Jersey Boy: The colourful collection of Ottawa’s ‘sports mayor’ ”.

Ottawa’s sports mayor? Really? Isn’t this the guy who can barely skate and certainly can’t drive a snowmobile.

What’s going on over there at the Citizen sports desk? Have they all gone blind and deaf? This guy knows less about sports than my grandmother and that’s quite an accomplishment.

Has Watson ever been seen at a sports event in the city on his own without a photo-op organized? Could he explain the details of any sport to you if you had never heard of the game? Has he ever successfully negotiated anything to do with sports in his life?

Photo above: Mayor Jim Watson and his jerseys from a Citizen story.

Lansdowne doesn’t count since he essentially handed over a prime piece of the city’s real estate to the private sector and got little or nothing in return – I did say “successfully negotiated”.
And the sports sweaters? Let’s remember that they were props for photo-ops – ask him to tell you all about the teams and their players or even the occasion for which he wore them originally. Van Gogh could tell you more about his irises and sunflowers than Watson could about those sweaters.



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3 thoughts on “‘Watson Knows Less About Sports Than My Grandmother.’

  1. Dear Voter,
    This critique of his lairdship , a true Renaissance man, was a fine way for me to start off my day. Thank you.

    Now, go apologize to your Grandma.

    skoal :)

    1. You’re most welcome but she doesn’t need apologizing to. She was always quite proud of her ignorance of any activity that had the potential to produce sweat. ;-)

  2. Should any mayor not be a sports fan, no problem here — a chacun son gout.
    It is the pretense, hyped by local media, that is offensive.
    Of course, we know that now Jersey Boy will be redefining the word ‘sports’ to be a synonym for ‘collecting sports items’.


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