Watson Must Resign, Again



The City of Ottawa has completely botched the municipalities light-rail program.

Now the city is screwing up the lives of others because of its horrible LRT mistakes costing hundred of millions of dollars.

Almost anyone with a remote knowledge of the project feels the line should go down Carling Avenue where commerce and people congregate. Instead, through sheer stubborness and stupidity, the municipality has gone the ridiculous route of driving rail down the Macdonald Parkway where but geese congregate.

Even grade-school children would know that light rail is built where there are people, not geese.

The city has offered no good reason for the parkway route except that it is cheaper than going down Carling. But is it cheaper now that the line has to be tunnelled? Maybe, but the city has made such exorbitant claims about costs in the billions to use Carling that municipal rail reports are just ludicrous. They are not to be believed.

Now because of the city’s terrible mistakes on LRT, it feels it must drive rail under and through the campus of the Unitarian Church on Cleary Avenue, its seniors homes and a day-care centre.

If this were the only alternative, The Bulldog could support the measure. But it is not. First Rochester Field is available. But frankly, so is Carling Avenue if the city would swallow its enormous pride and arrogance.

Please note … there is no reason to disrupt the good institutions of Cleary Avenue. For that matter there’s no reason to put the line down the Macdonald Parkway. Then the city goes to ridiculous lengths of tunnelling the line on the parkway. It then has the gall to say that phase 2 light rail will not cost more with a tunnel as without a tunnel. Come on.

The Unitarian Church is doing good work on Cleary Avenue. It should not have that good work disrupted by city stupidity. The waste of hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money on the wrong route for light rail is an outrage. That the good works of good people are being disrupted is unspeakable. Mayor Jim Watson would not be eligible for one of his many community-builder awards for this.

Because of this bad mistake and the waste of hundreds of millions of dollars on the light-rail program, The Bulldog again says Watson should resign. He is not capable of running the City of Ottawa.

Of course Watson will not resign. But good people, smart people, people with good hearts should be considering running against him in 2018. Ottawa needs a reform mayor badly.

Watson maintains he supports seniors during his election campaigns. Well light rail actions on Cleary Avenue give lie to that. If rail is pushed down Cleary, Watson does not support seniors and children at the daycare. Hopefully, residents will see the mayor for who he really is.

The incompetence and bullying attitude at Ottawa City Hall must stop and that can only happen with a reform mayor.

Watson must go.

Taxpayers are already stuck with hundreds of millions of dollar of light-rail mistakes.

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