Watson Rides Melnyk In Campaign


Why does Mayor Jim Watson keep pushing a stick in the spokes of the Ottawa Senators?

Of course what Watson knows about sports or sports management (or management generally) you could put in a thimble and still have room for one of those hockey discs. Apparently the mayor is really enjoying the World Series between the Vegas Golden Sand Flies and the Washington Whatchamacallits.

Watson and former Senators star Daniel Alfredsson (who took time off from being second baseman for the Sand Flies to throw his support behind the mayor) both think the Sens cricket squad needs a better owner than Eugene Melnyk. It appears Watson is running for mayor on the back of Melnyk (while stabbing him in the back).

So why doesn’t Watson call for better leadership at Minto or QNX where His Worship has immense knowledge of how to run those businesses better?

Does Watson realize that in saying nasty things about Melnyk that he hurts one of the city’s finest institutions, the Senators? Why of course he does. The city’s a partner in Lansdowne and with no Senators, less competition for the sports teams there.

And Melnyk is not especially popular these days. So why not join the public wave in an election year.

And how do Watson supporters feel about this? See the video below:



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5 thoughts on “Watson Rides Melnyk In Campaign

  1. Just some thoughts… A) Watson actually didn’t say anything (in fact he refused to comment) – it was Alfredsson who did all the talking while asking that his comments be kept off the record. I think it’s important to make this distinction because we don’t know how accurate the quote is, or the context behind his comments. B) But if anyone’s qualified to judge Melnyk’s management of the franchise it would be Alfredsson. He’s witnessed first hand how Melnyk has been running the business from the perspectives of both a player and as a member of the management team, and therefore if he’s decided that Melnyk needs to go then that’s an opinion that cannot be dismissed. C) Now that these comments have come out I have a theory about what’s really going on behind the scenes here with LeBreton Flats and Menyk’s ownership of the Sens, and how Watson could actually be tied into all of it. It’s tin foil hat type stuff with no actual proof, but I believe that Melnyk’s days as owner of the Sens are truly coming to an end. It may not be tomorrow, or even next season, but by the time the new arena has been built (and it will get built) Melnyk will not be the owner of the Sens (or at least not a majority owner).


    1. Duke, buddy, always good to see you back.

      I have absolutely no doubt that Alfredsson said what he said (I’m confident that veteran reporter Sue Sherring got it right), I have no doubt that Alfredsson wishes he had not dragged Watson into it, I have no doubt that Alfredsson wanted his comment off the record and (good for Sue) she stuck to her guns and printed it.

      If you are talking to a reporter, you have to understand that what you say is being recorded. There is no off-the-record after you said something you wish you hadn’t said. That is unless you are a lousy reporter which Sue isn’t. It’s tough enough getting good information without people getting retroactive off-the-record. I never did it and I’m glad Sue didn’t do it either.

      As for Melnyk not being the owner, he likes owning the team and his kids want to own it someday. It will be his decision if he wants to own the team or not. I own my house and it’s nobody’s business whether I sell it or own it. Same with the hockey team.

      That said, ticket buyers can decide if they want to go to the games. And those decisions will eventually result in the team staying here or leaving.


      1. I am sure Alfredsson is regretting his conversation with Sue, but nothing she’s reported discounts the possibility that his conversation with Watson about Melnyk’s ownership of the Sens wasn’t completely casual (i.e. “I hate Melnyk, he’s a terrible owner and he needs to go!” “Yeah, I agree!”). But let’s say it wasn’t all that casual and innocent. We can believe it because ever since Alfredsson left the Sens organization (for a second time) there’s been rumors that he’s aligned himself with a new potential ownership group, and that if they should ever manage to convince Melnyk to sell the Sens then he’d be the public figurehead. Now this is the point where I put on my tin foil hat – do we know of any local sport franchise ownership groups who like having a well known and respected figurehead representing them to the local fans? A group that may have ties to both Watson and the Lebreton Flats redevelopment project? Bottom line, I think a move is being made, but not to block the new arena – in fact just the exact opposite. I think the move is to try and squeeze Melnyk into selling the Sens using the Lebreton Flats project. Maybe I’m crazy, but it would explain some of Melnyk’s recent comments about the project.


        1. The Duke:

          Two points: First, people are responsible for what they say. Alfredsson said it so he’s responsible for it.

          Second, there is no evidence whatsoever at the point that OSEG wants to buy the Sens. I think they have their hands full right now.




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