Watson Scrambles To Fix His Errors: Stuff



This is novel. Mayor Jim Watson has announced he will tackle Ottawa’s gun problem once again. This time Watson will hire 10 more police officers. His Worship can say that door-to-door as he campaigns. Will 10 new officers solve the guns-and-gangs problem? Of course not. What is needed are experts in the field developing strategies that deal with the root of the problem. Not a 10-second solution. But that is far too complicated for Watson and furthermore at the end of it, there’s no ribbon to cut. So taxpayers will have a bill for 10 more officers and the problem still out there. Does anyone think that Watson has made any progress on guns-and-gangs during the two terms he has been mayor? That said, 10 officers will get Watson votes and isn’t the city run for Watson anyway. Democracy occurs every four years and then our reps tell taxpayers to get stuffed. All Watson has done on guns and gangs is hold emergency press conferences and hope the problem goes away … Another Watson election ploy. More money for road repairs. Road repairs, the legacy of Mister Two-Per-Cent. Why do we have more potholes now than when His Worship took office two terms ago? Oh it could be the lousy asphalt the mayor’s minions bought despite warnings that lousy asphalt was out there. Furthermore this is a politician who has religiously tried to reduce basic services but instead spends more on big lizards downtown celebrating the role of reptiles in the 150-year history of Canada. Bread, circuses and illusions pave the road to election victory … Want to win the election? Promise weekly garbage pickup to fight the growing vermin problem. Why biweekly pickup was another diminution of basic services over the last few years. Don’t bother to thank me potential candidates … Ottawa South MPP John Fraser as interim Liberal leader. Good on John. A good choice for a good guy …


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2 thoughts on “Watson Scrambles To Fix His Errors: Stuff

  1. One tried and true tactic used by all autocrats is the identification of an enemy. Find an enemy that the majority will agree is an enemy then highlight the presence of that enemy and promise to eliminate that enemy.
    Do you hate guns? – Why, yes I do.
    Do you hate criminal gangs? – Why, yes I do.
    Do you hate gangs with guns? – Most definitely.
    Do you like the police? – Yes, most of the time.
    Then a vote for me is a vote for law and order.

    And, I will also rule over a bobble-head council that votes unanimously on contentious issues and I will supply all-you-can-eat cakes.


  2. Maybe they should use the same asphalt that they used on Knudson Ave. for the 12 speed bumps in 1.2 miles at a cost of $132,000.00. They may have garnered a few votes doing this but buses and snow plows have to drive over them also.
    The province of Quebec is much smarter as they use STOP SIGNS at a much reduced cost.


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