Watson Seeks Authority To Negotiate LeBreton Deal


This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

Today, Mayor Jim Watson announced that he will be seeking a mandate from Committee and Council to allow the City of Ottawa to enter into negotiations with RendezVous LeBreton Group (RLG), the National Capital Commission (NCC) and other government partners on the redevelopment of LeBreton Flats.

Due to the significant long-term interest of the LeBreton project for the City of Ottawa and its residents, it is important that the City takes part in future negotiations. The Mayor seeks to represent the City in those discussions to ensure that the best interests of the City of Ottawa and its taxpayers are represented during the redevelopment of one of the most noteworthy land areas available for development in Ottawa’s downtown core.

The Mayor will also work with the Ottawa Senators organization, West End councillors, businesses and residents to ensure that appropriate options are being developed to help make up for the potential economic loss to Stittsville, Kanata and the West End of Ottawa, should the Canadian Tire Centre be relocated.

The Mayor asked City staff to prepare a report outlining Council’s vision and setting a mandate for future negotiations, including the delegated authority for both the Mayor and City Manager to enter into discussions moving forward. The report will also identify the potential long-term city-building benefits of the redevelopment, including a more viable transit system, an increase in environmental sustainability and a more prosperous and vibrant core. The report will be considered by the Finance and Economic Development Committee in the coming months.

Following these negotiations this project will then follow the City’s required development review and approval process (i.e., secondary plan amendments, zoning, site plan approval, land division, etc.).  The City will encourage an open dialogue of the LeBreton Flats redevelopment by offering opportunities for feedback and public consultation.



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7 thoughts on “Watson Seeks Authority To Negotiate LeBreton Deal

  1. “Work with” the Senators? after his work against the dame organization and the owner. The city has a proven track record of poor planning. Let the NCC and others who are considerate of real planning/development do the deal and then present it for approval by the citizens and full council not Watson solely.

  2. Hard no.

    Seeking to ensure the ‘best interests of the City of Ottawa and its taxpayers are represented? And Jim ‘Mr. Fiscal Responsibility’ Watson is the best guy for this job? Pull the other one. Why on earth would anyone let him near the negotiations? So he can put the screws to Melnyk again?

  3. This must be the only thing that he has not messed up yet.
    Absolutely not!
    With his grab of free PR as a result of the Senators being in the playoffs, it occurred to me that ‘city mascot’ should be his next job.


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