Watson Should Fix His Own Leaky Roof: Reader


Frequent Bulldog contributor Sheridan wonders about when Mayor Jim Watson will do the city hall housekeeping:

“If it’s a choice between going to Florida for a holiday or fixing my leaky roof ….”

Who are the people who have taken a holiday from City Hall? Mayor Jim Watson should be known as “Mayor Holiday,” for all the time that he spends at city council. Indeed, it seems like Watson is training for a Senate seat:

PM Justin Trudeau: “Why do you feel well-suited for this appointment?”
Mayor Jim Watson: “I spend as little time as possible in government chambers.”

You can easily substitute the word “Florida” for a trip to the Grey Cup or China, or thousands of other much smaller distractions that Watson has attended while in Office. Just open your community newspaper and there will be Watson opening a new city feature (from a new street sign to an office tower), presenting awards (Ottawa must be the awards capital of the world), attending community functions (from bake sales to lighting Christmas trees), and on and on.

“If it’s a choice between going to Florida for a holiday or ….” How about we fill in the blank with relevant municipal items like: plowing the snow-covered roads and sidewalks in a timely manner; addressing the rise in city homicides; finding a long-term solution for garbage disposal; designing safe bicycle lanes; responding to paramedic service shortages; etc.

This is not a matter of a simple roof repair, but rather a case of an irresponsible building manager who is more interested in house parties than housekeeping.



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2 thoughts on “Watson Should Fix His Own Leaky Roof: Reader

  1. Actually, if one is managing things properly then there should be no leaky roof to fix.

    Preventative maintenance is the proper course. Budget for setting aside a bit to cover costs that will happen, inspect hard assets and recognize that they have limited lifespans. Repaint or re-shingle or re-tar before the failure occurs.

    Oh yes, going to Florida is NOT a necessity.

    In other words – address issues before they become problems.

  2. Question in my mind is “will Watson admit to having a leaky roof.” You have to recognize the problem in order to fix it.


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