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Does anyone remember when the federal government transferred responsibility for international affairs to Ottawa City Hall? Foreign Minister Jim Watson has taken a strong stand against the policies of U.S. President Donald Trump which should bring the U.S. leader to his knees. Actually people don’t understand what a sacrifice Watson is making by ignoring the U.S. Embassy’s Fourth of July hoedown. Watson missing a party? It must be driving him nuts. This is the man who was featured in radio station ads giving party tips. He spends most of his time campaigning for himself for four years at city gatherings. If he spent as much time in the office as he spends at parties, Ottawa light rail would not be overspent by $3.2 billion. For the rest of us, missing a party is no big deal. For the foreign minister/mayor it’s a trauma. Of course, the mayor of Ottawa shouldn’t be delving into fields in which the city has no business and no expertise. But then if Watson only worked on things he understood, he have nothing to do. All this stuff aside, it’s just Watson showboating for the next election and it’s an easy hit for staff-challenged local media … Why engage with the bike gnomes? They only see their opinion which is right. They are a pressure group pure and simple spewing out propaganda that would do autocratic governments proud. Like the City of Ottawa … Hurray for Bluesfest. The easy thing to do would be to build the mainstage on top of the killdeer eggs. Bluesfest didn’t … The city bought Mercedes vans when other cheaper vans were available, according to the auditor general. That’s bad enough but having city management try to justify it? That’s really bad … Five journalists dead in Maryland and one wonders whether Trump’s fake news rants and lies will bring violence to other media outlets in the same way they have come to schools. Hope CNN has good security. Meanwhile Postmedia closed six newspapers and will dump reporters. Torstar will get rid of more reporters. Sad sad days for journalism. One might think it won’t get worse but it will. The traditional media model is broken. Will it just be the CBC and The Bulldog left locally? …


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2 thoughts on “Watson Showboats On Trump: Stuff

  1. Can’t speak to the CBC’s demise but I don’t think that one Gray will fire that other Gray. That might start a family squabble.



    1. Chaz:

      Someday one Gray will fire the other Gray at The Bulldog but with luck, there will be some other person to fill the gap.




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