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The wild rumours going around Ottawa City Hall have it that Mayor Jim Watson’s early re-election announcement was because he didn’t get an appointment that he was seeking.

The speculation has it that the press conference was originally set because that was when his appointment as ambassador to (name of country goes here) would be announced.

That’s not true

In fact, the announcement was made so early as to scare away potential opponents for mayor.

That said, nothing is stopping Watson from accepting an appointment between now and the 2018 municipal election.

Video above: Mayor Jim Watson in full Jim Watson.


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2 thoughts on “Watson Speculation Department

  1. My Speculation Department but not about his lairdship.

    Here is one of my speculations. A lot of things go terribly wrong in today’s world because it seems that people are completely uniformed about history and how things can unfold. I am not referring just to ancient history.
    I am referring to modern history.

    Take just a couple of glaring examples of ignoring or forgetting history:

    – White House faux pas about not mentioning the Jewish people when making a statement about the Holocaust.

    – W.H. press secretary saying that even Hitler did not use gas on his citizens

    Take a couple of more examples, in a somewhat lighter vein, that show how history gets forgotten.:

    – A few years ago, in an interview with Tom Cruise, Mr. Cruise said that he became interested in making the movie Valkyrie because when he read the script he thought it was a good story. He said that It was about an event that he had never heard of. Good gawd, not knowing any history of plots against Hitler ( there were other assassination attempts too ) is one thing. A movie type not knowing that a previous movie covered that plot, adds to the lack of general history knowledge. { James Mason- 1950’s – The Desert Fox}

    – Then today, I read the TV Review section of the Bulldog and saw that there is a new documentary about the L.A. riots. I read the review and it is shocking that the reviewer makes comments about the actual riots as if he never knew that they had happened.

    SO, I worry about some other history forgetfulness. Wonder if anyone remembers that there was a tiny little bit of trouble in Korea before,
    Wonder if anyone remembers that there was some posturing over missiles back in 1962.

    I wonder down what road the world could be being lead.

    Just speculation. Ah, history and how push turns to shove.



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