Watson Starts His Campaign: Whopper Watch



So let’s see. Here are Mayor Jim Watson’s election promises after he said again that he was running.


Mayor Jim Watson’s first campaign video.


Let’s look at the mayor’s claims:

  • Public Safety: Watson has held a few news conferences on Ottawa gun play and the problem continues. Bullets are flying over neighbourhoods that had previously never seen such things:
  • Fiscal Responsibility: Watson created the largest operating deficit in Ottawa municipal history and had to find special funding in the last budget to cover city basics because his two-per-cent property-tax increases were not enough. He has rolled up the largest accumulated debt in Ottawa history;
  • Transit: Despite saying repeatedly that the light-rail project is on-time and on-budget, it is neither. Watson has overspent billions of dollars on light rail and yet still can’t get the line to Barrhaven or Kanata in the foreseeable future. People’s safety was in danger from two huge sinkholes on the tunnelling route. Meanwhile with billions of dollars of overspending, Watson forgot to heat the stations;
  • Environment: Watson called green space along the Macdonald Parkway “scrub land” when he wanted to build LRT on it. The massive Ottawa sewage storage tunnel to protect the Ottawa River is late.

Watson is unusually sloppy on this video. He looks over-confident. That’s a nasty flaw that often comes back to bite you. Watson’s administrative record is terrible.

A good candidate can beat Watson on that record.


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4 thoughts on “Watson Starts His Campaign: Whopper Watch

  1. He missed the “open, transparent, caring” city of Ottawa he promised four years ago. What happened to that city and those promises?


  2. Ken,
    You have not updated the City of Ottawa Screw Up List. I am sure STUFF has happened since October 2017. Even so, I am always amazed that politicians can look people in the eye (in person or in a video) and regurgitate “pick me” lines. Has this man never looked back at the screw ups? Will the voters in Ottawa forget ? Can you get more than 40% who even care?


  3. Missing from his “vision” is bringing the state of (dis)repair of Ottawa’s roads back to what they were when he first took office, back in 2010. Some may recall that road repairs were his “highest” priority back in the autumn, when the budget was tabled. One can only hope that the voters of Ottawa respond in the same way that the federal voters did to PM Martin, who they may recall regularly espoused an ever changing list of a dozen or two “highest” priorities.


  4. Thanks for the article, Ken. Strangely enough I received an email from info@jimwatson.ca, and I have no idea why, which included the video above. The subject line for the email was “The first step / la premiere etape”. After 8 years in office Mr Watson has decided to take the first step? Seriously?


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