Watson Still Using Ottawa 2017 Press Releases


Mayor Jim Watson continues to get top billing on press releases from Ottawa 2017, the organization responsible for anniversary celebrations in the capital this year.

Interestingly, talk about ego, Watson gets higher billing in Ottawa 2017 press releases than Ottawa 2017.

About $6 million has come from city coffers for funding Ottawa 2017. More than $28 million has been received from private and public organizations for the same. The amount of contributions by individual private organizations has never been released.

Now that Watson has declared his candidacy for mayor in 2017, should His Worship be using private and public money for advertising himself?

Below is a recent release:

NR-ODA Press – Final English



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3 thoughts on “Watson Still Using Ottawa 2017 Press Releases

  1. If Watson’s going to continue using the Ottawa 2017 media work as a self-promotion method, he should at least include the ward councillor(s) for the location of the event. It kind of makes one wonder if the reason that’s not been happening is that the councillors who would be included are, for the most part, people he has had run-ins with and who aren’t members of the Bobble-head Brigade at Council.

    1. The Voter:

      I think that it comes down to the point where Watson has never met a media opportunity he hasn’t taken advantage of.

      I don’t think he realizes that his omnipresence has become a liability rather than an asset.



  2. Mr. Self-Serving, also known as Mayor Jim Watson, is doing exactly what he always does, constantly running a election campaign from the time he is elected, and it works. We pay for his election campaign.

    From the supporters of Watson, I constantly hear “he is such a great ambassador for the city”.
    Anyone else could be, and many have been, while running our city in a efficient and proper manner. The latter is not done by Watson, just look at the deficit we have.

    Anne Marie


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