Watson Stinks As A Negotiator


If you are wondering what kind of negotiating skill you will get as residents of Ottawa represented by the Great Helmsman Jim Watson, remember this.

When talk first started about the Ottawa Senators moving to LeBreton Flats, The Great Negotiator said that under no circumstances would a penny of taxpayer money go into the new arena.

Recently when asked the same question, he said he hadn’t been asked.

Wait a second, that means, in a negotiation at least, Watson has said public money being put into the arena is a possibility. If I’m the other side of the table, I’d say Watson just blinked. In fact, Watson hasn’t even got to the table and he blinked.

So much for the Great Negotiator. The last time the Great Negotiator came to the table in Ottawa, the city lost Double-A baseball and got beer-league ball led by David Gourlay.

By the time Watson is through with these talks, the Senators will be in the East Coast League and the mayor will be wondering next spring when the locals play for the Stanley Cup.

Just in case you haven’t noticed from the baseball fiasco and the mayor already giving away stuff before he gets to the table, Watson can’t negotiate.

He’s the last guy you want in on those talks for myriad reasons including he doesn’t know what he is doing.

Watson is very capable of snatching defeat from victory.

Remember that at this point, April 2017, the Ottawa Senators are building an arena at LeBreton Flats.

Now Watson is involved. Let’s see how this turns out.



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2 thoughts on “Watson Stinks As A Negotiator

  1. Do not forget the casino farce, Mooney’s Bay playground, Westboro convent high-profile footy, highrises and so many other chances Watson had to negotiate. He has failed.

  2. Being numero uno.

    Expanded powers.

    Big fish in a small pond.

    Are these the qualities of a leader?

    One might think that ego plays the most important role.

    Not that his lairdship is “the Donald” or even “the Conrad”.

    Maybe there is a little Erdogan in all of them.


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