Watson Takes A Bold Grass Stand: Whopper Watch



“My overriding concern is to ensure that they’re located in the proper locations.”

Mayor Jim Watson on the upcoming LCBO marijuana outlets.


You nailed it, Your Worship. Damn straight.

Well where might that proper place be? We could create a study. We could delay. We could put them in a back alley in the ByWard Market. Just as long as they are “proper.”

We can all agree that the LCBO dope depots should be in the proper spot. Right on.


Yes your agent can imagine a number of grannies saying: “Yes sir, Jim. Everything in its right place. Jim always knows the appropriate thing to say. Tell me, Edna, don’t you think Jim should settle down with some nice person? He’d be happier.”

Well Edna and your friend, what exactly did the Watsonator actually say?

Nuthin’, nada, zippo, zilch, bagels, zero, heels and back, dust … not a damn thing. Politics practised at its highest level.

Now he did go on to mention that depots should not find a spot beside high schools. Radical, Jim. Radical.

Wayda take a stand, big guy. You’re the best. Woe to the candidate who thinks they should all go beside high schools. No sirreee. Watson is the candidate of no dope depots beside high schools. His opponent will not be. Vote Jim Watson 2018.

However His Worship forgot to say: “Yes, those depots should be located in the proper place. And you can hold me to that in the next election. Here’s my first promise. Everything should be in its proper place.” Who’s to argue?

Edna and her friend will be very impressed … unless they’re in a city long-term care home.


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5 thoughts on “Watson Takes A Bold Grass Stand: Whopper Watch

  1. As my Dad always said, ” A place for everything, everything in its place.”

    Dad was mostly referring to things such as putting your keys down in a particular place so that you didn’t waste time looking for them but I guess the saying could refer to buildings, too.

    Now that Ontario has announced some words about its model, his highness might have talked about what he thought Ottawa should do about the current dispensaries.

    He could have been much broader and talked about how the new model hasn’t released any real details about pricing or THC content or addressing the black market hole that will still be there. These things are still important issues and input from the province’s mayors should be listened to.

    I guess he could have said nothing. Oh, that is what he said.



  2. Ken:

    Where is Councillor Blais during all the pot talk. Wasn’t he the councillor who wanted a smoking ban everywhere in the city. No smoking in any public places, beach, park. He even wanted a smoking ban in people’s homes and cars. Can we please get a comment from Stephen Blais?


  3. The Liberals want the pot to go through the LCBO because of the union vote they will receive in return as in the last election where five or six unions spent $300,000 or more each to get them elected, will be there for them again. The unions do not care about ordinary people. They just care about more money for their workers but screw the rest of us.


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