Watson Takes Credit For Civic Deal: Whopper Watch



“Days later, (Watson) ended up brokering an agreement between The Ottawa Hospital, MPs and MPPs to support the Sir John Carling site at the east of the Central Experimental Farm as the best location for the hospital.”

Mayor Jim Watson as translated by Jon Willing of Postmedia

No he didn’t.

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna reopened the Tunney’s Pasture site from the proposed Ottawa Hospital Civic campus location.

A very disorganized NCC approved the location but the choice looked like it was an order from above. The Ottawa Hospital board said McKenna was responsible for pushing the Tunney’s site. McKenna, for her part, blamed the NCC in a terse few words with the Ottawa Citizen. The rookie MP and cabinet minister wasn’t showing very broad shoulders on this one.

Area MPPs came out against the Tunney’s site and formulated a position together. No Watson on this one.

Local MPP John Fraser who worked behind the scenes on the issue said it was former mayor Jim Durrell who did the heavy-lifting on brokering a deal. Durrell is a Watson supporter.

Watson provided the site of the announcement of the Sir John Carling site.

So what does this tell us?

First, Watson’s statement is a major whopper. Second, he steals the credit from his loyalist Durrell.

Not wise. He just can’t help himself.



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5 thoughts on “Watson Takes Credit For Civic Deal: Whopper Watch

  1. Too bad Jim Durrell’s too much of a gentleman and/or team player to call Watson on this publicly. I would have liked to be a fly on the wall when they spoke privately after this. Durrell is well able to make his feelings known and has a long memory. Watson may have played a card he should have held onto.

    It will be interesting to see where Durrell’s support falls if anyone else who’s a credible candidate on that end of the spectrum comes forward in 2018. How hard would it have been for Watson to just say a simple word of thanks to Durrell for helping bring this deal together? Sometimes, in the long run, it’s the little things that count … and cost.

  2. A great leader:
    – gives out pats on the back,
    – keeps his foot out of his mouth,
    – and acts modestly.

    But, the world is not fair and every leader is not a great one.

  3. The entire subject of the location of the Civic Hospital simply serves to let the public know how immature and silly all the officials who took part in this are. If I were any one of them I would be embarrassed to have had any involvement.

    The best site and the one best for the hospital and our citizens was the one offered by our previous government. Too bad nobody can convince any government that not all the
    actions of previous governments should be thrown out.


    1. Beverly F:

      I agree the best site was across Carling Avenue from the Civic.

      And I was disappointed that the Experimental Farm didn’t tell us about salt pollution on some of the land until late in the process.

      The problem is that the Conservative process was low on consultation. Had the Conservatives consulted better, the hospital might be across the street from the Civic.




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