Watson The Paper Tiger: Whopper Watch




“Get moving on it.”

Mayor Jim Watson on speeding the process of finding a new location for the Civic hospital



Mayor Jim Watson comes riding into the hospital issue on his white stallion to save the day.

And what will people say?

Thank god he’s mounted a stallion and not a snowmobile.

Yes His Worship is certainly leading from behind. He’s late to the argument by eight years. Why eight years?

Well Watson said that the community has made precious little progress on building the new Civic campus for eight years. And who has been the Lord, King and Emperor of the national capital region for the bulk of those eight years.

Why the man on the horse who got bucked from a snowmobile.

While Watson planned a party with $28 million for 2017, Rome burned.

The Ottawa Hospital’s crown jewel the Civic campus (tarnished though it is) has been looking for someone to adopt it and find a new location. Maybe a location near the rebuilding University of Ottawa Heart Institute. For pity the heart patient who must get from Tunney’s Pasture to the current Civic site during rush hour. Best to just send the ambulance to a funeral home to avoid the patient the extra trouble of dying at the hospital and then going for burial.

So our mayor rides in, risking life and pelvis, to bring together people who know much more about the Civic issue than he (didn’t he ride to Toronto to bring together the parties to get Blue Jays Double-A baseball in Ottawa? The patient died on that one, too).

So Watson is years late. Then comes in to tell the principals they are not doing a good enough job. Where was Watson before? Lobbying for a NCC board seat? And where was he, the mighty board member, when the NCC came up with this wrong-ended position on the Civic site? Handing out party advice? Giving Environment Minister Catherine McKenna another guided tour of her own city with press in tow?

The people who really know Watson must be chuckling about the mayor’s statement “to get going”.

His Worship has been nowhere on this issue and then tells the principals they’re not doing a good enough job.

Those people who really know Watson understand that he is the ultimate politicial opportunist, a paper tiger, a faulty administrator but with an uncanny eye for PR. His mayorality has been a photo op.

Why he’s the man who spent $1.4 billion too much on his short-line light rail and found time to throw in a couple of sinkholes for nothing. Whadda guy. The mayor who can’t get bike lanes correct in front of Ottawa City Hall.

How does the mayor think the people who know him will respect him enough to see him as an arbitrator.

Learned people involved in trying to bring a vital hospital to this community will shake their heads.

Watson will get us a hospital when he can’t win an outdoor hockey game to a winter city?

Not likely.



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5 thoughts on “Watson The Paper Tiger: Whopper Watch

  1. Kitts and the CEO of the NCC spoke last evening and arranged a meeting.

    Hours after this was stated by Dr. Kitts, on News 1310 with Mark Sutcliffe, Mr. Mayor, finally speaks with media and announces how he is going to arrange a meeting between the two parties. A little late Mayor. Always looking out for the image of Mr. No. 1 … not all of us are fooled.

  2. “Forward he cried from the rear, as the front rank died”, with my apologies to Pink Floyd.

    Where were you last week Mayor Watson – aside from waiting to find out which way the wind was blowing? Leadership requires leading, not trailing in the distance to identify which side is personally most advantageous.


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