Watson To Announce Political Future Thursday Morning



Mayor Jim Watson has tweeted that he will be making an announcement on his political future on Thursday morning.

Watson has left no clues as to his decision. Two months ago he said he would be making an announcement soon.



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2 thoughts on “Watson To Announce Political Future Thursday Morning

  1. If he’s announcing that he’s not running in 2018, he makes himself a lame-duck mayor for 20 months which I can’t see him doing. That means that, if he’s going, he has something lined up and will be gone shortly. That would tie in with his previous announcement since he would have been negotiating his new position. It would also be in line with his pattern of leaving for greener pastures before his term is up.
    It would be odd to announce this month that he’s going to run again since he can’t file nomination papers until January and, until that’s done, can’t raise money or do any overt campaigning. However, since anytime he breathes he’s campaigning, that may not be much of a concern for him. It would do two things though. It would stop the people who are jockeying to take his place if he leaves and scare off some who might be considering a run against him. It would also mean that, as he’s going around the 150th party circuit and the LRT activities, he has put himself out as a candidate and can garner all the free publicity and use that to his advantage.
    It will also give his campaign team nine months to get organized so they hit the ground running in January. That means they can line up their supporters and donors before anybody else gets to them and have them primed to come forward in January. If they think he’s possibly in trouble, they will want to rope people in and get those commitments as early as possible.

    1. Can nomination papers still be submitted in January? I thought that the province pushed up the date to April/May


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