Watson Turtles On Civic: Reader



Sheridan, a frequent Bulldog contributor and strong supporter of the Tunney’s Pasture option for the Civic hospital, says Mayor Jim Watson should be loudly backing the Tunney’s location.

Here’s Sheridan:

What highlights the impotence of Mayor Jim Watson are the media quotations from former mayors of Ottawa on this topic. Jacquelin Holzman and Jim Durrell even composed a letter together which they sent to the National Capital Commission, pleading the hospital board’s case. And now, former mayor and provincial cabinet minister Bob Chiarelli has joined the chorus.

In theory Watson should be a strong supporter of the NCC’s decision which links LRT to the hospital. No one has been more vocal than Watson that the Confederation LRT line will generate new ridership and “take cars off the Queensway.” Furthermore, no one was more outspoken for getting a seat at the NCC table than Watson. And yet, now that he has been granted that voice at the NCC, he decides to remain silent.

Watson’s 2010 election slogan was: “Leadership for a Better Ottawa.” Watson’s 2014 election slogan was: “Progress for a Better Ottawa.” I imagine Watson’s 2018 election slogan will be: “Silent Participation for a Better Ottawa.”



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5 thoughts on “Watson Turtles On Civic: Reader

  1. For those concerned about EMS being able to access the Civic at Tunney’s, I have the answer to one of my questions. Jamie McCracken, chair of the Hospital’s Board, said on CBC this morning that, of the 300 people accessing their Emergency Department on an average day, only 20 arrive by ambulance.

    That’s less than one ambulance an hour – you can understand why the paramedics have come out to say that they aren’t concerned with access to the hospital if it moves to Tunney’s.

    Watson needs to come out publicly and state his position on the move to Tunney’s, whether pro or con, this week. He is probably waiting to hear Melanie Joly’s response in the hope that her decision will be something he can hide behind. As in “It isn’t what I would have decided but it’s her decision to make.” or “I agree with the Minister and thank her for her work to support the Hospital in this important issue for our community.”

  2. I see that Lord Jim now wants to broker a deal over the hospital location. It must have killed him to be on the NCC board but not have a vote. Now it’s back to politics as usual with Jimbo.

  3. Watson’s lack of leadership on the Tunney/Civic issue boggles the mind, especially when former Mayors, local MPPs, and a few councilors have commented publicly.

    Is he waiting to sell us out to the best bidder for his future?

    Hopefully Ottawa residents remember this at election time.

  4. I think that a much better slogan for 2018 would be:

    “More bake sales for a Better Ottawa!”

    While not everyone likes silent participation, who doesn’t like a bake sale?


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