Watson’s Bargain With Melnyk: Top 10 List





Mayor Jim Watson has his work cut out for him.

His Worship is trying to talk Sens owner Eugene Melnyk into holding an outdoor hockey game at his chief competitor’s stadium at Lansdowne.

So what does Watson have to offer Melnyk to clinch the deal?

Check our Top 10 list below:


Top 10 things Mayor Jim Watson can offer Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk to entice him to play an outdoor game at Lansdowne:

10.  One Order of Ottawa and another to be named later;

9. A couple of surplus “Mark Taylor Deputy Mayor” jackets;

8. A big Ottawa 2017 lizard;

7. Two seats to a Redblacks game;

6. Snowmobiling lessons;

5. A thumb-building workout for tweeting;

4. A zamboni ride at TD Place;

3. Rick Chiarelli and Diane Deans;

2. A spot beside Riley Brockington under an OC Transpo bus;

And finally the No. 1 thing Watson can offer Melnyk;

1. Sod.



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5 thoughts on “Watson’s Bargain With Melnyk: Top 10 List

  1. I love Sue Sherring’s take on this in the local paper today. It’s apparently up to Melnyk to be the ‘better man’ and step up to the plate. Never mind that Mayor Watson has thrown him under the bus numerous times already, just ignore all that and get it done. Way to go Sue, keep towing the Postmedia line that Watson is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    1. Nicholas:

      Thank you for this.

      I don’t understand how Watson can be asking Melnyk to step up to the plate given the history of the city and the Senators.

      I understand why the community wants an outdoor game … all people have to do is pay $80 a ticket to go.

      But Melnyk is a man who is losing $10 million a year on his hockey team, is trying to build a new arena downtown to ensure the survival of the team but the community wants more from him. Perhaps the people who want the game might buy a ticket or two to a Sens game.

      This is a city that likes something for nothing due to the big gifts the federal government gives Ottawa every decade of so.

      So now they want this giving to extend to the private sector.

      Sorry but Melnyk can only give so much before something in the Senators breaks.



  2. This could be The Bulldog’s best/funniest Top Ten List. Number 9 could come in handy with snow blowing season arriving this weekend.


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