Watson’s Biggest Accomplishments As Mayor: Top 10 List


What has Mayor Jim Watson done in the last seven years?

We revel in his accomplishment by way of a Top 10 list:


Top 10 Things Mayor Jim Watson Has Accomplished In His Two Terms

10. Has thumbs the size of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s thighs;

9. Can shotgun five brownies at once;

8. Made Timbits the official Ottawa non-donut;

7. Eliminated the city deficit by saying: “There’s no deficit.”

6. Is in favour of official bilingualism: English and English;

5. Proved that people with three-year communications degrees can find a job;

4. Finds money in budget for second Sally Ann on Montreal Road;

3. Gave plaques to Jack Daniel, Jim Beam and Captain Morgan for their selfless service in Ottawa bars;

2. Will award next Order of Ottawa to himself;

1. Proclaims Oct. 22 Jim Watson Day.


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2 thoughts on “Watson’s Biggest Accomplishments As Mayor: Top 10 List

  1. One more thing that may be added is he elevated the word I to the top of city-hall-speak.
    In Watsonian : ” You made me laugh. You made me laugh.”


  2. I love this list, great way to start the week.

    The most amazing accomplishment that I marvel at is: All those Timbits and bake sales and he has been able to keep his weight in check. “Keep calm and bake sale on.“


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