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In a week where Mayor Jim Watson told OC Transpo drivers that they were not supposed to enforce a law that didn’t apply to them anyway (Bill 62) and pulled the rug from under the LeBreton Flats redevelopment that has taken a half-century to be successfully planned, what is His Worship tweeting about?

Say LeBreton Flats or Bill 62 … no another list of inane events. See above.

To the first tweet, Your Worship … the city doesn’t care what you are wearing for Halloween. Honest. I’m sure the public would love to know the logic of you giving brown-fields money to every developer in town, but somehow can’t give it to the new arena. And a subsequent question, Your Worship. How does this make Ottawa a better community other than you getting even with Sens owner Eugene Melnyk? Or keeping competition away from the city-partnered Lansdowne operation?

To the next tweet. The local communities around Lansdowne are pumped about the Redblacks. No they aren’t. You know that and yet you avoid the truth. The truth is very important for the leader of our community. It creates trust. The Glebe doesn’t like drunks post-game peeing or throwing up on their property. You know that. Is there an over-serving problem at Lansdowne of which the city is a partner? And the Glebenistas don’t like the noise, the traffic and lack of parking when a game is on. You know that, too. The Glebe is resigned to this situation but its residents are hardly “pumped”. The most-used pump in The Glebe on game days is a stomach pump for the drunks. The truth, Your Worship, the truth. In the Watson world, Ottawa is Happy Town.

To the final tweet above. The city doesn’t care how many Twitter followers you have. Nor is being followed necessarily a sign of approval. Many people follow you to find out what the heck you are up to or when you have a snap with an angry resident. The Bulldog posts U.S. President Donald Trump’s Twitter account but not because it approves of the prez, it’s to give readers an idea if they should start moving canned goods in the basement because he’s got the nuclear codes. And if you care about your Twitter followers tally after the events of last week, you’re not a serious mayor.



Trumps Twitter Feed



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7 thoughts on “Watson’s Happy Town Tweets

  1. Did he really spell “Lansdowne” wrong in a tweet? Really? You’d think he would have written the name enough times over his career that he would know how to spell it.

    I do have to differ with you on the Halloween costume. Some parents might want to be sure that he will actually be in costume before they take their little ones – don’t want the kids seeing the real horrors of 110 Laurier, do we?

    Does he have some kind of authentication of those ‘new’ followers? As in, do they really exist? We know there have been ‘issues’ with some of his previous numbers.

    Where’s his tweet about how happy he is over the Board of Health voting to ask the feds to make the Clarence Street safe-injection site permanent? How about his joy when Dr. Isra Levy, the medical officer of health, talks about acquiring a mobile safe-injection unit?

    1. The Voter:

      I’m not too tough on typos. I make them most every day.

      We all do.

      But yes that’s how he spells Lansdowne.

      No word on how he spells covfefe.



  2. I think he should spend less time on social media and more time throwing Mathieu Fleury a lifeline. Mathieu really seems to be struggling of late.


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