Watson’s Love Is A Fickle Thing: Whopper Watch



“I have a lot of conversations with a lot of people and I obviously don’t divulge those conversations. I really was really happy to have Alfie at my kickoff and have his support.”

Mayor Jim Watson about hockey star Daniel Alfredsson saying they both agree the Ottawa Senators need a new owner.


Yet another missive from the flat-earth society.

Who cares, Your Worship, if you don’t divulge your conversation with Alfie? The former Sens captain already let the Spartacat out of the bag.

You either said the Sens need a new owner or your new supporter is a liar. Now that’s not the way to kick off a relationship with your chief supporter. But then sometimes relationships don’t last. You’ll remember The Bulldog supported Watson in his run for city mayor, at least in this incarnation.

But a blacklist here and a blacklist there and a blacklist here again and sometimes relationships go asunder. It was beautiful while it lasted but you can’t overlook a knife in the back. At least that’s what the marriage counsellor said.

So be careful Alfie from someone who has been there.

Today you’re loved, but tomorrow you’re yesterday’s news.


Alfie, Watson’s love is a splendoured thing until it isn’t.


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One thought on “Watson’s Love Is A Fickle Thing: Whopper Watch

  1. Two truths in your editorial:

    – his lairdship is very talented at throwing members of his entourage under the bus;

    – Connie Francis is a very talented singer.



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