Watson’s Orchestrated Election Announcement


Mayor Jim Watson is a political wizard.

In fact His Worship had interviews all lined with sympathetic media or happy-town new shows that weren’t going ask tough questions on the day Watson announced he was running for office again.

Strangely, no interview set up with The Bulldog.

It was remarkably orchestrated. But the announcement itself was disconcerting.

I do not know in good conscience how a person could release such an announcement in the form it was written. It absolutely flies in the face of facts.

It is all about getting re-elected, not what is doing what’s right. Maybe in that regard your agent is a bit naive. I thought politicians got into the public service to serve the public. I guess in some cases, I’m wrong.

What is particularly frightening is the amount of debt that is being produced. With the U.S. economy getting stronger, interest rates are bound to rise around the world. In fact, Canada’s solid trade figures might do that here soon.

So all those people who are mortgaged to the hilt are going to see their payments skyrocket. That will apply as well to the City of Ottawa accumulated debt.

Running up debt is less frightening for the federal government because of its ability to raise huge amounts of capital. But municipalities are very restricted on where they can obtain funds. This load will fall on property-tax payers. That will be very difficult for your children and grandchildren when it comes time to pay for this debt.

Former councillor Gord Hunter in a Facebook post said Watson will leave his job when the debt gets out of control. When people begin to realize the burden Watson is putting on them, they will kick him out so fast their heads will spin. But by then Watson will be gone and next guy will pick up the tab on the taxpayers of Ottawa.

If you want to know about the mayor, read that document and check the facts.

Some politicians lose the purpose of what they are doing just to remain in power.

Unfortunately there is no one in the mainstream media in a position to call Watson into account. Columnists have disappeared and good reporters remain objective because their job is to cover the facts. Some reporters at city hall have found time to break stories despite the pressure to produce quick material to fill time or paper.

But for the most part, civic politicians are operating in a media vacuum and its beginning to show.

They think they can get away with anything.



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3 thoughts on “Watson’s Orchestrated Election Announcement

  1. The announcement came via Facebook and Twitter which would be unusual unless you wanted to control who gets the opportunity to question you. The norm is to call a press conference to announce political intentions and to do it at the point you are actually launching your campaign. You do that because you want as much press as possible AND you’re ready to not just enumerate your ‘accomplishments’ but defend them.
    If you want a soft landing, you slip it out on social media and then set up the interviews with the tame members of the press. It doesn’t take much courage to do that. You could say it’s the chicken’s way.


  2. Ken,
    In my experience too many people enter public service for personal gain. That opinion applies to elected and to appointed or hired servants of the people.

    Even many of those that enter the arena for altruistic reasons will sooner, rather than later, become jaded. ( have you ever heard a teacher complain about how hard it is to put up with a class room full of kids or a politician bemoan how hard they work? )

    The shiny white knight will, at best, usually turn into a tarnished jester or more often turn into a dark knight.


  3. Of course it was “orchestrated”. Nothing he does is not.
    The major problem is the fact that far too many feel that being the nice guy who promotes the city somehow makes him worthy of being the mayor.

    Anne Marie


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