Watson’s Other Conflict Of Interest


Didn’t Mayor Jim Watson fight to become a non-voting member of the National Capital Commission board?

So should he not withdraw from any negotiations between the City of Ottawa and the NCC? Where does his primary allegiance reside?


If Watson wants to be part of the NCC … be part of the NCC. If Watson wants to be part of the City of Ottawa … be part of the City of Ottawa. But how can he represent the best interests of both stakeholders?

Add that conflict of interest to the fact that the city is in bed with Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group at Lansdowne and in direct competition with Senators owner Eugene Melnyk and his associates in the sports and entertainment field. Bad enough the waterfall of money over at Lansdowne has dried up, what happens to the waterfall if Melnyk and Co. move in next door? How parched the City of Ottawa will be.

Do the residents of Ottawa want a guy representing their interests with two major conflicts of interest? Watson can’t even decipher who he represents and takes campaign donations from people over whom he directly adjudicates. Make that conflict of interest No. 3.

Wait a second. We’ve got this all wrong. It’s obvious who Watson represents.

Jim Watson represents Jim Watson.

Want to know how all this will turn out?

Whatever is best for Jim Watson. That’s the primary directive.

Anybody hurt in the way is just collateral damage.

Take note Eugene Melnyk.



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2 thoughts on “Watson’s Other Conflict Of Interest

  1. We have all heard these:

    – Jack of all trades, master of none.

    – Speaking out of both sides of one’s mouth.

    – Wearing two hats.

    – Multi-tasking.

    – The Hydra from Greek mythology.


  2. I think what Watson was fighting for was to become a voting member of the NCC Board. Since he only achieved non-voting status, he may think there’s no conflict since he’s not voting on the issue. He probably doesn’t understand that he still should recuse himself, not only from voting on the matter at the City, but from any discussion of it at either the City or the NCC. The issue in a conflict situation is that you may unduly influence other people who will be voting and that happens primarily during the discussions/debate of the issue that takes place before the actual vote.
    If he doesn’t see that a non-voting member of the Board can influence an outcome, why did he take the NCC seat? Is the coffee that good at their meetings?


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