Watson’s Party Is Officially Team Bobblehead: Bulldog Poll



The votes are in and my favourite name for the new Watson One-Party-Rule Party, Borg, lost … badly.

In very thin voting, Team Bobblehead was the big winner at 43 per cent followed closely by Club Jim at 31 per cent.

I’m ashamed to say what Borg got. But Bulldog readers will rue the day when they opted for Team Bobblehead.

The poll was spawned by Mayor Jim Watson parachuting his buddies into wards as candidates.


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One thought on “Watson’s Party Is Officially Team Bobblehead: Bulldog Poll

  1. Ken,
    The term Borg might have been too scary.
    Bobbleheads however bring a wry smile. We can envision empty headed councillors (and staff) with vacant eyes and silly grins bobbing their heads in unison. We can just laugh rather than scream in terror.
    Terror may be the appropriate response but it is too …..you know, terrifying.


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