Watson’s Plasco Spin: Whopper Watch



Mayor Jim Watson stands tall and says his city will defend itself against being stuck with decommissioning the plasma gasificator left by former waste partner Plasco Energy Group on the municipality’s Trail Road landfill.

“We will vigorously defend our position before the courts,” His Worship said, as the creditors line up to try to get something back on their money after Plasco went into bankruptcy protection.

What else is he going to say? Watson is a politician, and a mighty crafty one, after all. If he told the truth, he would have said: “I’d like to apologize to the people of Ottawa because the staff for which I’m responsible failed to put the decommissioning costs in trust in the event of Plasco’s failure.”

The problem surrounding decommissioning was broken early this week by The Bulldog when the news site received municipal internal documents outlining the difficulties.

So the city could be on the hook for $950,000 Plasco was going to spend decommissioning the site and $300,000 the city was to be given for remediation.

And this wasn’t supposed to cost the taxpayer anything. Remember the claims? Well it could cost $1.25 million plus all those lawyer fees that the mayor is prepared to spend vigorously defending the city’s position.

That $1.25 million could have been used pay for a pedestrian bridge over who knows what. That is if the bridge wasn’t deemed unsafe after building or didn’t go over budget or was finished two years late.

So His Worship is being very vigorous in seeking out that which the city is owed in bankruptcy protection. Too bad city staff wasn’t more careful when they signed the Plasco deal.

And it’s easy to be vigorous with other people’s money.

Can you say Orgaworld?

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