Watson’s Rat Blindness: Whopper Watch




“I’ve never seen one in Ottawa.”

Mayor Jim Watson on rats in the nation’s capital


Ahh, the opportunities for cheap jokes on this one are endless.

But for a change The Bulldog will take the high road.

Nevertheless the rat-complaint figures from a report this week are telling. It shows you where His Worship spends his time.

Watson can’t be frequenting Vanier too often because that area by far has the most rat complaints. Frankly we have trouble understanding what the rats have to complain about. No doubt the garbage in Vanier is just as good as in Rockcliffe or Kanata.

So Watson apparently is not hanging around Vanier. There’s other proof of his absence there as well. The mayor’s anti-official bilingualism stand isn’t the choice of Vanier plus Watson’s support of the Salvation Army homeless shelter in the community reveals his lack of familiarity with the wishes of Vanier.

No, His Worship looks like he’s been hanging out in Rockcliffe and Manor Park because residents in those neighbourhoods are virtually rat-free compared to Vanier. In fact we know Watson spends a lot of time in those two communities because when they whimpered about trucks on the Aviation Parkway and building an iconic bridge near the neighbourhoods, Watson was all over it.

Instead Watson wants to build a prohibitively expensive truck tunnel for dangerous trucks (which dangerous trucks won’t be able to use for safety reasons) that will never be constructed. Why? The city doesn’t have the money for the tunnel after blowing its fiscal brains out on light rail. And the other reason? It’s just a stupid idea.

Poor Jim’s Vanier blindness will cost him votes next year.


Video above: Raise your rat IQ.

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2 thoughts on “Watson’s Rat Blindness: Whopper Watch

  1. I once saw a rat in Ottawa. It was about 40 years ago when I lived at Aylmer and Bank. My girlfriend (now my wife) and I went for a walk along the other side of the canal and part way along, we saw the rat blithely walking up the driveway of the huge mansions there. I don’t know if it lived in the house, or by the canal, but clearly you don’t have to be poor to have rats as neighbours.


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