Watson/Trump-fication Post Is Talk Of City Hall



Can’t say exactly if the post The Trump-fication Of Jim Watson stuck to the wall in the community, but my spies at Ottawa City Hall (who are everywhere) say it sure caused a tizzy on Laurier Avenue.

Hard to say exactly what caused the readership pop. Sometimes your agent writes something and it just gets crickets despite the fact that the proprietor here thinks it’s fine. Hard to explain what tweaks a reader’s interest.

Anyway maybe the Trump-Watson analogy struck a chord at the bylaw factory.

The folks at city hall get to see a lot of Watson.



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7 thoughts on “Watson/Trump-fication Post Is Talk Of City Hall

  1. Maybe you’re just saying what they’d say if they weren’t afraid of the consequences for speaking out. That goes for both councillors and staff.


    1. Ron,
      I would not call it well aimed-mockery; I’d characterize Ken’s piece as well-written political commentary. Either way, they heard the crickets-chirp.


      1. Chaz, I used the term mockery in the context of the ears of the beholder. Many of the people who report to work in glass houses are very sensitive to criticism, and many of those people take joy when the criticism is accurate, but only when it is aimed at others. The Germans have a word for it, Schadenfreude, which loosely translated means taking joy in someone else’s misfortune.

        Having said all of that, I agree with your comment. It was well-written political commentary.


  2. At some point people will see the emperor’s new clothes… just sad that developers get to call the shots on anything they want under Watson, and that billions are wasted on a failing LRT plan. We’ll have to live with the consequences of Watson’s poor administration, but hopefully candidates with more integrity come forward in 2018.


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