We Need Crime Strategy After Grocery Store Stabbings: Patton



The stabbings in the Wellington West Metro might not be indicative of our current wave of violence, but they’re a reminder that the city needs a crime strategy.

So who else but our man Mike Patton is there to jog our collective memories:



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4 thoughts on “We Need Crime Strategy After Grocery Store Stabbings: Patton

  1. There seems to a strange lack of any follow-up news coverage on this story since the Monday after the event. We know nothing further about what precipitated the stabbings in the grocery store (did the parties know each other, mental illness, random, gang initiation, etc?) and no more details about the police shooting or the police investigation. Is it the lack of local journalists or some sort of co-ordinated decision for a news blackout?


  2. Lorne Cutler:

    Great question considering it does not fall under the standard and typical answer. The public is safe and the attacks were targeted. Whatever that means.


  3. Crime versus Privacy:
    For those of us who wory about the loss of privacy, and at the same time, complain about the lack of effective police intervention of rampant crime, I recommend that we take a second look at what other crime prevention programs communities are putting into place. By way of example, the cover of the National Geographic’s February 2018 publication has the headlines – THE NEW BIG BROTHER: In our surveillance society, satellites, cameras, and phones are tracking us more than we ever imagined.

    In this report, you will find a number of examples of how and what type of equipment is used to track and deter crime, guns, gangs shooting up our streets, and jailing those persons caught by the surveillance system.

    In the interest of brevity, I recommend that anyone who has an interest in this subject read this very comprehensive report and then ask ourselves: What do we want? Absolute privacy, or a system currently in place in London, England, that effectively deals with all forms of crime?


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