We Still Wait For Woodroffe Grade Separation Study


Here is the response of the City of Ottawa to The Bulldog’s inquiry concerning when the report on grade separations along the Via Rail line north of Barrhaven will be released.

The city originally said the study would be ready by early 2017:

The following response is sent on behalf of Vivi Chi, Manager, Transportation Planning:

The study regarding the feasibility study for grade separation at the Woodroffe Avenue, Transitway, Fallowfield Road, Jockvale Road, and Merivale Road rail crossings will be concluded in Q1 2017 and the report will go to Committee in Q2 2017. The exact date is still to be determined.

Six people died at the Woodroffe level crossing on Sept. 18, 2013.

The city erected a little memorial in their memory.

However taking almost four years between the federal government and the city to produce a report does disrespect to the lives that were lost.

The best memorial to those who were killed is making people safe at those level crossings as soon as possible.



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4 thoughts on “We Still Wait For Woodroffe Grade Separation Study

  1. “The study regarding the feasibility study” … a discussion on a study of the study is taking four years … a whole lot of nothing in a very long time. Clearly safety is not a priority.

  2. I am having one heck of a time trying to figure what this City’s “Priorities” are. We can now add human lives to the long list of what they are not.

    Anne Marie

  3. As time goes by, OC Transpo buses fail to stop at level rail crossings, unlike buses of other Ontario transit authorities and unlike all buses in Quebec. I’m so glad that our city has arranged for divine intervention to protect transit riders here.


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