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Frequent Bulldog contributor Sheridan tells us the MO of the mayor:

The only time that Mayor Jim Watson listens to public pressure is when he thinks that there is political capital to be scored, regardless of the validity of the argument — details never matter to Watson.

Watson’s carefully cultivated image of council unity and consensus is paramount. Indeed, serious council debate and the public consultation process in this city is a sad joke.

Sue Sherring (Ottawa Sun: “Secrecy around library process shameful”) reviews a prime example of this behaviour with the planning process for a new, central Ottawa Public Library. Her scathing indictment of this backroom dealing confirms the feeling I had all along about this sham of a public process: “The whole thing is incredibly shameful and exhibits an inordinate amount of paranoia by chair Tim Tierney and chief executive officer Danielle McDonald, who did everything they could to hide the facts.”

Let’s get serious about taking back our municipal affairs from this mismanaged and undemocratic government.


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2 thoughts on “We Want Our Government Back: Reader

  1. You can’t lay all of this at Watson’s feet. The bobbleheads on Council who jump to his every whim have at least 17 times as many votes as he does (depending on how many of them are prepared to stand up to him on a particular issue).
    There are the five that vote against him often but not always and a couple more that break ranks on occasion. It only takes twelve of them to vote against his reign to rein him in.
    What about the Ottawa residents that voted this crew in? Are they on the phone every time their councillor votes for Watson and against their interests? Do they let Watson know when he’s out of line?
    It’s Watson’s fault for being a smooth manipulator but it’s everyone else’s fault that he gets away with it.


  2. Agree with ‘The Voter’ — why do Ottawa residents vote in Councillors who put their careers first in many cases, rather than the interests of the city. Why the poor voter turn-out for the level of politics that affects us the most directly? Why do we attract mediocre candidates for Mayor and Council. I vote, I email my concerns — wish all would do the same.


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