Well Lookie Here. Robert Roberts Is Back


Guess who chimed in with an email to your agent having left this website in a huff and trashed me and The Bulldog  on Twitter upon leaving.

Showed such bad manners that a number of commenters asked him to leave.

Said he was leaving the website in his tweet and now he is back. Also said your agent had missed an opportunity to bring people together. People do come together on The Bulldog, Robert. They share ideas, they debate and, in your case, complain about the website and the service you’re getting for nothing.

Wondered why I was “censoring” him on The Bulldog when in fact I posted his comment when I finished a seven-hour journey by car.

Another time wondered why it took so long to post his comments. I kept waiting for him to say he was over-paying for the site. To meet Robert’s exulted standards would have taken about $100,000 in salaries. Asked him for the money. Didn’t get it.

Yup … here he is … long lost Robert Roberts.

And he has a suggestion for who could be the next mayor. Here’s what he wrote in his email to me:

Queen’s Park’s loss is Ottawa’s potential gain.  How about Yasir Naqvi for next mayor of Ottawa.

Time for a change here in Ottawa.  Consider Naqvi for mayor.

Sorry Robert but that won’t happen. Naqvi is too close to the current mayor.

Lot of gall, Robert. Lot of gall.

The right thing to do with your email would have been to delete it with some gusto. But see it’s published, Robert. No censoring.


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One thought on “Well Lookie Here. Robert Roberts Is Back

  1. Ken,
    I wondered where Robert went, now I know. He was usually a bit right of right but I did read his comments.


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