What Are McKenna’s Green Chops? Reader


Despite all the controversy surrounding Environment Minister Catherine McKenna’s photos and videos, she cranked out another one on Sept. 1. Late that same evening, it had 36 views. No word on how many of them were McKenna’s relatives, but were this a Bulldog post, the editor would be very disappointed about the lack of interest.

Frequent Bulldog contributor Sheridan takes on the issue of all those government videos featuring Environment Minister Catherine McKenna.

Sheridan is responding to The Bulldog post, Why McKenna Wants To Be A Star: Top 10 List.

The mighty Sheridan is below:

One would expect from all these Catherine McKenna videos that we would be better educated on the government’s environmental/climate-change policies.

However, everything is quite vague from the videos featuring the environment minister. This is a huge government bureaucracy which is fueling an equally huge “green” industry. Are we making any progress? How do we measure such progress? What is the cost of such progress?

What are Catherine McKenna’s (MP for Ottawa Centre) environmental goals for her riding? For example, is she trying to get Mayor Jim Watson to move downtown and have him walk to work?


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One thought on “What Are McKenna’s Green Chops? Reader

  1. to @ec minister – here are some tips —
    Have all government employees :
    -stay in their offices more
    -stop jetting around the globe
    -use electric cars for necessary travel (certainly not limos)
    -discover the new tech such as Skype and the telephone

    should I go on?


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