What? No Flooding Emergency?


Here’s an email from frequent Bulldog contributor Kosmo on why there is no flooding state of emergency in Ottawa:

Hi Ken,

I have a theory on why Mayor Jim Watson is not calling a state of emergency. He will be able to use it as a crutch when he doesn’t balance the budget.



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9 thoughts on “What? No Flooding Emergency?

  1. Watson doesn’t have the option of not balancing the budget – under provincial law, cities can’t run a deficit so have to pass a balanced budget.

    1. Passing a balanced budget and delivering on it are two different things. A couple of years ago, the city passed a balance budget but delivered a $42MM operating deficit. This was papered over with the standard government accounting leger du main of transferring funds from various reserve accounts. The problem is, those reserve accounts haven’t been fully replenished.

      In order for the illusionist to pull a rabbit from a hat, there has to be a rabbit in the hat. So, if these floods put pressure on the operating budget of the city, will there be a rabbit in the hat for Mayor Watson and Mr. Kanellakos to pull out?

      1. It may just be handing him the perfect excuse for slashing and burning in the 2018 budget. We’ll have snow-clearing standards of four inches on main roads and six on the side streets as a starter. Anything else that he tried to do but has met with pushback will be reintroduced.

  2. There was a record rainfall in April. All waters were very high and anyone with a working brain would realize that there was a serious possibility of flooding becoming an issue, yet, no sandbagging was started. Sandbagging did not start until a serious situation was on the brink.

    Noah didn’t wait for the flood to build his ark…he realized its probable need and took action in advance.

    Anne Marie

      1. Let me add to my post…torrential rain was reported for five days and nothing was started to help prevent flooding.

        Yes..Noah for mayor. Any change would be an improvement.

        Anne Marie

    1. Anne Marie
      The loss of a home is not acceptable especially if preventative options were available. Strange that weather predictions were ignored. Would stopping some of the damage not be cheaper (money, emotional toll, etc.) than what it will cost for the clean-up.


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