What? Sunrise?



Hey the sun rose this morning. Who knew?

Always comes as a surprise to me that after terrible events such as Donald Trump being elected U.S. president, Doug Ford becoming Ontario premier or the Senators or Blue Jays losing a playoff series, the sun comes up the next morning.

It’s a new day. Be happy … at least until Ford gets his hands on the health and education systems.


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15 thoughts on “What? Sunrise?

              1. Hey Ken, you need to spend a little more time outside.

                Grab a plastic bag and take The Bulldog out for a walk.

                Enjoy your weekend.

  1. In the past, Bulldog discussions regarding what constitutes a strong leader have taken place. In one of these discussions it was noted that a strong leader surrounds him/herself with good people, people skilled in the areas where s/he does not excel. Let’s see how Doug Ford is at finding these people and allowing them to play their roles. I believe this is the key to his success. Public outbursts and reality TV-like drama are an embarrassment to all Ontarians and will be his undoing in this sensitive world in which we now live. Doug Ford has been handed the opportunity to help Ontario recover. Will he fail or succeed?

  2. Chaz has purchased a bulldog. Actually he should have saved his money on the dog and bought this website. This Bulldog is pooped from all the work this week. k


    You and your darn sunrise.

    We picked up the pup. His squishy bulldog face is so ugly that one just has to say he’s cute.
    Of course, along with the pup we now needed to get a playpen, cage, food, toys …

    The sun, did indeed, rise. My pocket book shrank, had to move some furniture around but smiles are everywhere.
    Oh yes, my wife said his name is Morty.

    This is all your doing,

    thank you,

    1. Good preamble Ken. Like the commercial jingle – you do deserve a break today. (and maybe a couple of more days to relax. Couldn’t hurt. It has been an extra busy time for you)

      Your next hurdle is the municipal election. Good luck, I hope all goes well for your city on that front.


  3. My theory is that the nice weather is heaven’s consolation prize for Thursday’s events. We were granted free will to make decisions but that doesn’t mean there’s no sympathy when mistakes are made.


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