What Will The City Do About Bike Lanes?


Many thanks to Bulldog commenters on Friday.

The Bulldog doesn’t keep records on such things but 64 comments almost all on one topic is certainly quite a showing. It rivals live blogs and the period around municipal election time. If nothing else, this concern reveals how important the cycling issue is to Ottawans.

On one side of the question, you have highly motivated and strident cyclists who are dominating the discussion. On the other hand, you have disorganized, not-especially-motivated, drivers who fear hitting cyclists on these lanes.

The injuries and death on these lanes has people on both sides of the issue concerned.

The city has ordered a safety audit of the Laurier lanes but before this study was completed, it opened bi-directional (and arguably more dangerous) lanes on O’Connor.

Now the city has the public’s attention on the issue of bike-lane safety. There are real problems on these lanes.

Education is not enough.

What is the city going to do about this?



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3 thoughts on “What Will The City Do About Bike Lanes?

  1. Ken,
    You opened a discussion that may have educated some and maybe some people will see some concerns of the issue from both sides now.

    Good job.


  2. Depends on how many cyclists are killed or injured. City is about optics. No deaths or injuries=no problem. Deaths or injuries=problem.


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