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Mayor Jim Watson brags that the city gets more than a million dollars out of Lansdowne each year. A pittance compared to the amount the city poured into the site. Now the city can’t get Rideau Transit Group to pay a $1-million late fee due to contract stipulations. Easy come, easy go … “The most Draconian step taken in the history of this place,” says Senator Leo Housakos. What happened? Did the Senator order the deaths of thousands of Canadians? No the Senate ended the delaying tactics on changing the national anthem’s words from “in all thy sons command” to “in all of us command”.  Beyond standing in the way of democracy and history, this illustrates just how petty and useless the Senate is. Time to abolish it. …  For whom is the City of Ottawa run? Mayor Jim Watson announces the first phase of light rail is six months late. Should not there be some kind of outrage at city council? It’s not like we’re under-paying for this. Then Watson says the municipality won’t collect the $1-million late fee. Shouldn’t someone be concerned on Laurier Avenue? So to change the news cycle Watson announces a meeting with Canada’s Olympians and that La Machine will return to the city. For whom is the City of Ottawa being run? Watson or the people of this community? … Ottawa’s Gabriela Dabrowski won the Australian Open mixed-doubles championship. Now some might say it’s just mixed-doubles but your agent played the game for more than four decades so I know a bit about how difficult winning such a championship is. It’s hard … really hard. Anyway it’s nice to see someone from Ottawa’s tennis community do so well. Having lost the Rideau Tennis Club in its old form recently, that sports community needs some good news. Bravo Gabriela …


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2 thoughts on “What’s A Million Bucks? Stuff

  1. LRT Late Fee – Having read the sections of the contract (that are now floating around) dealing with the late payment, it is not correct to imply that the City is choosing not to collect the $1 million late fee. According to the contract, if RTG gives proper notice of a change in handover date, there is no late fee. The City chose to give up the payment when they signed the contract, not last week when the revised date was reported. This is perhaps more serious than not getting the payment. Either senior staff and officials did not understand the contract that they signed or they deliberately misled the rest of council and the public.


  2. Lorne:

    You’re right. This was written earlier in the week when it looked as though the city waived the fee.

    I’ve corrected it.

    cheers and thanks



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