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An interesting development in the old west end this week. Sam and Micki Mizrahi of Mizrahi Developments called in Mayor Jim Watson Tuesday to declare Westboro the city’s best neighbourhood. Did you hear that the rest of trendy Ottawa? The mayor thinks Westboro is the best neighbourhood in Ottawa … not yours. And so where else would you hold a celebration of Westboro? Why the little band-box advertising the hyper-trendy Mizrahi condo at 1451 Wellington Street West. Just one problem. The Mizrahi high-rise is in Wellington West, not Westboro. Westboro is just across Island Park Drive from the Mizrahi condo. Guess Ottawa’s best neighbourhood didn’t have a spot to hold a celebration honouring it as the city’s best neighbourhood. You’d think the city’s best neighbourhood would have a kind of facility that could host a celebration of itself. Bet The Glebe would have found a place in The Glebe. And what happened to Watson’s sense of geography? Overtaken by a photo op? … Years ago I wrote a Citizen story which put a Hintonburg business in Wellington West. I heard no end of complaints from the Hintonburgois. People know their unofficial boundaries of communities in the old west end … Watson has been running around city hall saying councillors should have caught the fact that the removed table limit for gambling at the Hard Rock Casino in a recent past ruling. He’s right. But then if staff and the mayor knew about the removed limit, they should have mentioned it …


Well lookie here. There’s Mayor Jim Watson at a photo op. When has that ever happened before?



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6 thoughts on “When Westboro Isn’t Westboro: Stuff

  1. Here are 4 possible theories as to why the Mizrahi’s don’t know that their condo is located in Wellington West.

    1) They know where it is located but don’t want to admit it since there was a stabbing and police shoot-out only one block from their proposed condo.
    2) They have had trouble selling units on the west side of the building so they want to highlight that the west side of their building will have the views of Ottawa’s best neighbourhood, Westboro.
    3) Ashcroft put them up to it. Mind you, those of us who live in Westboro would gladly claim that the Ashcroft QWest development was in Wellington West if we thought we could get away with it.
    4) The same staff at city hall who advised council that the city would receive liquidated damages if the LRT was late, the budget was in deficit and that there was a cap on slots at the Rideau slots (under new owners) advised Mizrahi as to where their condo was located.

    1. Andrew:

      All interesting ideas but I think they want to be in Westboro because the word has more of a reputation than Wellington West.

      That said, Wellington West is a much more interesting neighbourhood … at least until infill sterilizes it and high-rises bury it.

      Expect transit-oriented development to accomplish both those things, courtesy of an arbitrary decision by Premier Kathleen Wynne and only too-welcomed by the myopic, self-serving, incompetent and self-righteous planning department.



  2. Well, it’s nice to see that Watson is starting to prepare for a new career once the fall municipal election is over, in real estate sales. I’m sure he can learn to push other areas of the city as well, once he does some research and finds out what really goes on in Ottawa.

    I admire both councillors Rick Chiarelli and Diane Deans for their years of work at city hall, although I’d warn them which photo ops to participate in. Being a part of the backdrop for a photo containing the visages of Jim Watson and Kathleen Wynne was probably one they should have steered clear of.

  3. Is that an old photo, Ken? The person I see behind Diane’s shoulder looks a lot like the councillor for Kitchissippi – and I don’t mean Jeff Leiper. Also Diane and Rick look happy to be in a picture with the mayor – that alone would date a picture. :-)

  4. Check the campaign contribution list for the mayor’s attempt to win another four years. He’s not fussy about where the cheque was mailed from, just that it was sent.
    Also check the future applications from this developer. He’s already beaten the community to get this tower built against strong objections. It may be that he’s already moved on from Wellington West and has his eye on Westboro so wants to start the buttering-up process now. This building was his dress rehearsal.


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