Where Are Harder, McLeod On LRT Overspending?


The Voter adds some valuable information to The Bulldog post Wynne Gov’t Must Hold Inquiry Into Massive LRT Overspending.

The Watson-O’Brien plan is coming in at $6 billion without Barrhaven and Kanata being hooked up. The cancelled Bob Chiarelli plan cost $2.8 billion with Barrhaven and Kanata hooked up in 2014.

Here’s the Voter:

The provincial Tories and NDP should be demanding an audit to find out of the province’s contribution is going. Where’s Lisa McLeod on this? It’s her Barrhaven constituents that are getting short-changed. She’s usually pretty eagle-eyed but seems to be letting this pass.

True enough that MP Lisa McLeod is missing in action on this and should know the value of a dollar but her constituents in Barrhaven aren’t on the line.

Worse is Barrhaven Councillor Jan Harder who knows the value of a dollar and should be screaming that this LRT is more than double the cost of the previous plan. Even worse is at that cost, her ward isn’t hooked up to the line.

Just how bad does she want the planning committee chairwoman job?



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One thought on “Where Are Harder, McLeod On LRT Overspending?

  1. A few years ago, McLeod and Harder publicly commented on a school trustee’s decision in favour of Broadview P.S. vs a new school in Barrhaven. So their silence on LRT is noted and a mystery.


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