This is a release from a number of stakeholders in the Greenhouse Gas Roundtable:

Dear Councillor McRae,

Please find attached a letter from a variety of Ottawa stakeholders regarding the proposed Greenhouse Gas Roundtable. I would be happy to help ensure that any formal response to this letter is received by all of the groups listed herein.

Thanks for your consideration,

Graham Saul

Executive Director

Ecology Ottawa

Letter to the Chair of the Environment Committee of the City of Ottawa

Regarding Preparations for the Greenhouse Gas Roundtable

Councillor Maria McRae

110 Laurier Avenue West Ottawa

Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 1J1


February 18, 2013

Dear Councillor McRae

We the undersigned, being groups including those hoping to participate in the greenhouse gas roundtable which was approved by City Council in June of 2012, write to you to express our concern regarding the planning of this event.

We were pleased when on December 15, 2012 Mayor Watson committed the City of Ottawa to hosting the roundtable during the first quarter of 2013. However, with that deadline looming our concern is that there will be insufficient time available to ensure a meaningful outcome.

Specifically our concerns are:

• No date has been set for the event. Volunteer based organizations require sufficient notice to ensure that a representative is available.

• The term “roundtable” is usually used for events where participants are all given the opportunity to speak and participate. With this in mind we believe that the outcome of the greenhouse gas roundtable has the greatest likelihood of success if participants are invited to contribute to formulating the agenda. The shortening time remaining limits this potential.

• Similarly, we believe that a common understanding of the objectives of the roundtable is necessary for a meaningful outcome. Participants should have the opportunity to contribute their input to the formulation of those objectives. Once again sufficient time must be allowed to gather these inputs prior to the event.

• Finally the resulting discussion-documents incorporating these inputs will set the stage for discussions. These need to be made available a sufficient time in advance for participants to read and react to them.

For these reasons we respectfully request that a clear indication with reasonable timelines be communicated of the process by which the City of Ottawa plans to involve interested parties such as ourselves in establishing the agenda for the greenhouse gas roundtable and in setting its objectives.


• Alumni of the Ottawa City Council mandated Environmental Advisory Committee

• Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – Ottawa Valley

• Capital Vèlo Fest

Centretown Citizens Community Association

• Champlain Park Community Association

• Don Anderson, Chair, Ottawa Chamber of Commerce Environment and Sustainability Committee

• Ecology Ottawa

• First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa, Environmental Working Group

• Greenspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital

• Old Ottawa East Community Association

• Ottawa Field Naturalist’s Club

• Ottawa Renewable Energy Coop

• Professional Engineers Ontario, Ottawa Chapter Sustainability Committee

• Smarter Shift/The Conference Publishers

• Sustainable Living Ottawa West


Cc: Mayor Jim Watson

Councillor David Chernushenko (roundtable co-host)

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