Where Is The City LRT Accident Release?


Why has the City of Ottawa not issued a press release about a man severely injured in the light-rail tunnel?

A memo has been leaked to The Bulldog but that is all. The incident happened on Saturday. Surely enough time has passed to write a note as this is being written at noon on Sunday.

This is a City of Ottawa project.

We are the taxpayers of the City of Ottawa. We are the citizens of Ottawa. We are the voters of Ottawa.

The community should be informed what our government is doing about this incident.

We have a release on a new key-to-the-city recipient but nothing on a man severely injured on a city project. The City of Ottawa is covering up. Why is there no statement from Mayor Jim Watson?

The City of Ottawa is our government. It is not the government of Watson, council and senior staff.

City council and public servants work at our pleasure. We don’t pay taxes for theirs.

Open, caring and inclusive … that’s what Ottawans want.

We’re not getting it.

Here’s a reminder … the next municipal election is in 2018. Don’t forget to vote.



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10 thoughts on “Where Is The City LRT Accident Release?

  1. Gee and on a Saturday night when the press is generally resting from a hard week at city hall.

    Perfect time for an innocuous statement from Jim and his bobbleheads. As well a distraction in town a hard fought NHL joust between Ottawa and Montreal so the perfect cover for a summer-snow-plow release or an LRT injury report.

    Perhaps Jim and crowd were at a letter opening?

  2. 1. City communications staff don’t work on weekends.

    2. The overtime bill would put the city budget in jeopardy.

    3. The LRT belongs to the consortium until some time in 2018.

    4. The mayor was too busy consulting taxpayers about their 1st instalment of their property taxes.

    Others can take over this Top 10 list.

            1. 10. We’ve never said most of the things we’ve said so we ain’t sayin’ nutin’ no more.
              ( a little borrowing here from Yogi Berra’s ” I never said most of the things I’ve said”)

  3. Ken,
    Not only this accident report but also the others, who knows how many.

    On March 11th, at the ‘parliament stop’, an employee fell when putting in rebar. Jon Willing states in today’s Ottawa Sun that “He went to hospital but didn’t have serious injuries”. How many others have we not been told about?

    With this project, we forever hear “on-time, on-budget” (which I don’t believe). We are not being kept informed of all that is going on and we have a right to be. Is the “on-time” pressure contributing to accidents? How many others have transpired? The Ministry of Labour looked into the cause of the injury on March 11th and now is checking this one out. No reports yet. Perhaps they can tell us how many investigations they have had to do. Obviously the city will not tell us.

    Anne Marie


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