Where Was Watson When Jasmine Crescent Bled?


This is enough to make you ill.

Jasmine Crescent, the scene of much of Ottawa’s recent shooting binge, came together in a march to take back its streets from the gangs.

And there hasn’t been a shooting on Jasmine for a brief moment or two so that’s good news. Of course there hasn’t been a shooting on my street in living memory but no one is holding a party for that.

Three men were killed on Jasmine in 2015 and 2016. Now we’re three months and a bit into 2017 and no one has been shot. Let’s hold a party. Kind of makes it look like the city and its police have triumphed over shooters. At least that’s the political spin.

Of course we all know that situations like that don’t change because of a party. There are deep social and economic problems on that street that aren’t cured in three months. They take years and maybe then the shooters will leave.

It takes hard work and money and intelligence and caring.

But who steps up for a sound bite at the Jasmine Crescent march? Why who else but our politically opportunistic mayor.

“This neighbourhood has had some challenges in the last year-and-a-half,” Watson said. “But we’re starting to see an improvement in safety, and it’s because the community came together.”

Oh sure. Watson knows nothing about social problems.

Where was Watson when the blood flowed on Jasmine Crescent? Nowhere. Where will Watson be when the blood flows again? Nowhere.

Sadly Watson is making political capital from the very brief lull in the shootings on Jasmine.

What has Watson done for that troubled street?


That’s the truth, not the stupid sound bite.



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