Where’s Mitic?



Bulldog commentator Mike Patton is back and he’s wondering why Innes Councillor Jody Mitic is not.




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5 thoughts on “Where’s Mitic?

  1. Mike Patton is partially right.
    Mitic has been absent from Innes Ward issues since 2014 and not just in the last two or three weeks. Innes Ward residents have weak representation at City Hall.
    Hopefully Innes voters will look beyond his military record next time because obviously it has not qualified him to do the job at City Hall.
    Former Councillor Bloess is desperately missed.

    1. Mitic is not councillor for my ward, but thought he might do a good job.
      I was wrong.
      Seems he tweeted that taxpayers in his ward won’t pay for “bully tactics”.
      Pity that the mayor and all councilors are so good at tweeting and so bad at running our city.

  2. A very crucial element is missing from this latest diatribe. Has anyone reached out to talk with the councillor?
    Before condemning, why not try that?

    1. Anne Marie:

      A good point. It is my understanding that he had been approached about it a number of times by journalists and wouldn’t talk about it.

      Patton said what he knew. I think he was very careful. The Bulldog gave him a chance to respond immediately and he chose not to tell us.

      That’s his decision.

      I’ve written a post on this. Click here, if you like to read it.




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