Where’s The AG On Long-Term Care?


What does this say about the city auditor general?

Ken Hughes already has an audit going for the long-term-care homes run by the city.

But city staff is opting for an independent review of the homes that have been found to be abusing residents.

City management could have asked or maybe did ask the AG, “Can you get this done thoroughly and fast.”

Hughes has a big staff and the resources to do the audit quickly.

What does this say?

It says that city management, that really badly needs a solution to the disgusting occurrences in the homes fast because of the PR and political damage this is causing, didn’t go with its own auditor general who the municipality is already paying.

Not confidence-inspiring.

The auditor general has an audit underway on the very topic that management needs answers and they opt for someone independent.

City staff likes his audits such as the light-rail management version in which its purpose is set out to assure councillors that everything is going well on LRT. Guess what? The AG says everything is fine. And if you overlook these things … three sinkholes, workers complaining of unsafe conditions, a massive gas leak that caused the evacuation of a large part of downtown, $3.2 billion of over-spending, replacing Transitway stations that were designed with LRT in mind with architectural monuments of excess, a huge crane toppling over, not getting to Kanata and Barrhaven with rail, etc. … everything is just fine.

But the true test of the auditor general is this. When management desperately needed some answers on a file that audit general was already working on, the top brass went with someone else.

Nuff said.



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One thought on “Where’s The AG On Long-Term Care?

  1. All management must audit the organization they manage.

    You can do audits in this fashion:

    -If you want to find out something, then pop into a department for an unscheduled visit, incognito. Talk to the janitor, eat in the cafeteria, wander around.

    -If you want to find out if a program is any good then, live on social assistance for a month and form an opinion based on what you discover.

    One will be amazed at what the reality is versus what the sycophants and staff tell you.

    That’s why I knew there were more people to fire than the one assaulter at the long-term care home and there are still more that need to be canned.



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