Where’s Watson Been? Whopper Watch



“It’s not safe to be on an unused, rickety, old train bridge.”

Mayor Jim Watson

Now let’s see.

Watson has been running the City of Ottawa since 2010 and he has just discovered that running around on the old Prince of Wales rail bridge is unsafe.

Watson’s train is a little late leaving the station on this one.

Even later is Watson’s inability to use the bridge for interprovincial transit.

He’s an observer on the National Capital Commission board now. Couldn’t he expedite use of the bridge through the NCC?

Or is Watson’s role on the Crown corporation just prestige and another stuffed suit in a chair?


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One thought on “Where’s Watson Been? Whopper Watch

  1. How safe is it to walk in the ByWard Market at night? Watson doesn’t seem to care about the growing violence in that area. Indeed, how safe is it to walk in the ByWard Market during the day? Watson’s solution to pedestrians killed by downtown trucks is a dubious tunnel.

    Such a tunnel has now been estimated at $1.7 to $2-billion. But once the EA, geo-technical work and land purchases have been made (along with inflation), then that cost might be closer to $3-billion. Furthermore, tunnels are more prone than bridge construction (assuming you hire competent contractors) to offer unanticipated costly surprises — the two Ottawa LRT sinkholes being such examples.

    Any way you look at this, the Kettle Island bridge option is more practical and less expensive. Indeed, we probably will have the price of two Kettle Island bridges if we go with the tunnel solution.

    And the Prince of Wales Bridge renewal for transit service will only cost $40-million. Gee, time for Watson to throw out his political calculator and replace it with a real mathematical calculator.


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