Who Cares About Mayors’ Sports Bets



“Could someone please put a moratorium on mayors making stupid bets regarding the outcome of a playoff series. Who gives a crap if Jim Watson has to walk around in a Rangers jersey.”

Don Brennan of Postmedia


Amen Don Brennan, amen.

This is the oldest, most-tired joke in the history of municipal politics.

It’s just a way for city politicians to get their names in the paper in the most gratuitous way. One would hope that assignment editors around the community would say no to this pathetic political ploy.

And guess what? Who is the worst offender of this most-cliched of actions? Mayor Jim Watson.

Watson couldn’t get a bet from Boston on the Bruins-Sens tilt so he had to go to the U.S. embassy. Even some politicians are getting tired of this garbage.

Watson would put a Beavertail on a snakes-and-ladders marathon.

Stop it. Now. It’s long past the point of being grating.

A joke stops being funny after the first two or three tellings. Imagine how bad it is after thousands of repetitions.



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10 thoughts on “Who Cares About Mayors’ Sports Bets

  1. The only thing that comes of this practice is that Watson gets to add another jersey to his cupboard so he can do “Jersey-Boy” type photo ops.

    It’s just occurred to me that the only way a mayor accumulates a closet-full of opposing teams’ jerseys is if the local teams have lost to the opposing ones. This should mean a mayor is ashamed of a full closet, not showing it off.

  2. If the Senators lose at any stage in the playoffs, perhaps Watson would wear a donkey suit or a horse’s posterior.

  3. Who cares about the mayor and his self-promotion antics?

    The Elect-Jimbo Team.

    (Sens win again in overtime. How is your ticker holding up? Exciting game again. Congrats.)


  4. Here is an idea. The Donald snubbed the White House Correspondents’ Dinner by not going.

    Organize an Ottawa Correspondents’ Dinner but do not give the mayor a chance to not accept an invitation to appear. Just do not invite him.


    1. To Chaz,
      Great idea to have a dinner and not invite Watson. My only concern is: if he does not survive it, would it be considered ‘murder’?

    2. No, no – invite him to the Dinner but don’t let him speak or have any photos taken of him. Then for the piece-de-resistance, have an envelope-opening but have Eugene Melnyk do the honours.

  5. I know deep (very deep) down that Mayor Jersey Boy Watson wearing a Senator Jersey to work last week, along with his well-known hockey skills and overall sports knowledge, was the charm that won the game yesterday. The official bet between mayors no doubt also contributed.

  6. So here’s an idea for a bet – if the Sens win, Bill de Blasio has to come here and be the mayor for a month.
    That should be long enough for him to clean up a few messes we have going on here. He would probably need some time off afterwards though to recover from what he might find in the Mayor’s office.
    I’m not sure what the other side of the bet should be since it doesn’t seem fair to send Watson to New York even if they have a second-rate hockey team. I still want to be able to travel to NYC safely without having to hide where I come from. ;-)

    1. ” to recover from what he might find in the Mayor’s office ”

      Boxes of stale cakes and cookies, sacks of tea bags, a wall covered in selfies and a few jars containing samples of various types of sod.



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