Who Knew? Ottawa Is A City: Whopper Watch



“If the arrival this year of light rail transit announces that Ottawa has finally reached the status of a full-fledged city …”

Reporter Bruce Deachman, Ottawa Citizen



Ottawa was a full-fledged and extremely creative city long before Bruce Deachman or Ken Gray ever showed their faces here.

Why there’s the little matter of Ottawa being the capital of a G8 nation. It has more bright and innovative people in government, high tech, medical fields, universities, research and culture, tourism per capita than any other city in Canada. It ain’t even close.

The statement above comes from people who measure the quality of their cities in what time the bars close and use the words “world-class” way to much.

Ottawa has nothing to apologize for as a city except people who irrationally run it down when it is a fine place to live, work and play.


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One thought on “Who Knew? Ottawa Is A City: Whopper Watch

  1. Perhaps we should be concerned. This seems to be happening on other levels as well this month. Scott Gilmore posits in Macleans that the same may hold true for Canada – http://www.macleans.ca/opinion/canada-is-not-a-country/. It is probably just a matter of time before the province is found not to be a province and those of us who thought we knew where we lived will be cast adrift entirely.
    What will young children who are just figuring out their place in everything write as their address if not:
    Sam Smith,
    123 My Street,
    City of Ottawa,
    Province of Ontario,
    North America,
    The World,
    The Milky Way,
    The Universe
    I do realize that the majority of those kids don’t write letters the way previous generations did but it’s still useful to be able to situate yourself with some accuracy.
    If we aren’t living in a city that’s in a country, where exactly are we?


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