Who Will Appoint Planning Review Panels?


It’s nice to hear some of Ottawa’s community associations are happy with the demise of the Ontario Municipal Board and like local planning review panels instead.

Certainly they are right in saying that appealing a council decision on planning will be less expensive under the new system. But flaws, big flaws, still exist.

Does not city council have power to allow extra floors in buildings despite community design plans saying otherwise? Is this contrary to the city’s planning rules? Well yes, but city council says it’s fine. Is the city changing its mind contrary to its own planning rules? Is that allowable? It will be interesting to see.

And what if council just ignores the decision of the local planning review panels? What teeth are in the new regulations to ensure that council changes offending parts of approvals? What if council keeps sending the same approval back to the panel repeatedly?

Most of all, who appoints the panel members? The mayor? The province? City council? Planning committee? All are compromised by receiving campaign funds from developers.

It’s fine to be optimistic but given the record of this Bobblehead council, it’s hard to believe it will act in good faith or will tailor approvals in such ways that review panel can’t turn them down.

The game is still in its early innings.


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One thought on “Who Will Appoint Planning Review Panels?

  1. Believe nothing and trust nobody, especially a politician who’s lips are moving.
    hip hip hooray, the hydro rates dropped – – or did they?
    An internal cabinet document (reported in the news a few days back) shows that the decrease is a decrease that doesn’t even cover what your bill when up in 2015 and 2016. Rates will increase with a 2% cap for a couple of years, then jump 6.5% for 2022 to 2027, then another 10.5% in 2028.

    So now the OMB is fixed too. :)

    Rest easy, all is well in Mudville tonight.



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