Why Did John Baird Quit? Podcast


Former minister John Baird was always eloquent and sometimes dogmatic in Parliament but it didn’t always go right. This is one of those times.


So it’s getting late on Monday night while the media is scrambling around trying to discover what then-foreign minister John Baird was doing with his career.

A source had already called to tell me Baird was to resign Tuesday morning along with everything the source knew.

So son-of-a-gun your agent thought: “Why not try to reach Baird?” There was no use phoning because I’d never get through.

But I did have this old email address from Baird’s days as a minister in the Mike Harris government at Queen’s Park.

So what the heck … I’ll give it a try. Put my phone number in the email and said call if you get a chance. Then turned on the phone recording app. This was about as hopeless as turning on the porch light for Jimmy Hoffa, but what the heck. Can’t hurt.

I mean this email address goes back to when Baird and I gabbed when he was provincial energy minister (and a good source he was).

So worked away on Monday night and after doing a bunch of stuff late into the early morning, I caught some sack time.

Well how about this. The personal email address is still being used by the ex-minister so he flipped the message over to his communications director Rick Roth who called me Tuesday. Baird wasn’t doing any media Tuesday but Roth hopes Baird will get to me before the week is out.

In the meantime below is Roth and myself discussing the workings behind Baird’s resignation. The recording is 13 minutes long.


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