Why Did Mayor Announce Candidacy In 2018?


Talked to a veteran Ottawa City Hall observer the other day and that person couldn’t understand why Mayor Jim Watson announced his candidacy for 2018 about two years before election day.

It doesn’t make sense, this person said. Better to keep the speculation going.

Perhaps it was to scare away potential candidates, the observer said.

But the most likely reason in this person’s mind was that maybe an appointment fell through.

There’s no concrete evidence of that. Perhaps only the mayor knows for certain.



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5 thoughts on “Why Did Mayor Announce Candidacy In 2018?

  1. No,no,no.
    He had received some promo calendars in the mail. You know, the ones that advertising companies send out to get you to order your supply of next year’s calendars. The promo ones I get usually show you different styles and samples of promotion messages that you can choose from. One of his probably featured his picture as a possible motif. He was so happy to see his face on it he put it up on the wall by accident.

  2. He announced his candidacy to say, “No you guys. I’m really serious this time, okay?”

    He’s proven himself to easily jump ship … he’s been mayor long enough this time around that rumblings have started about how much longer he intends to stay on. People see the mess he’s made of the city budget, and Watson not being one to fix things or face adversity, the logical conclusion is he’s actively looking for a position elsewhere … let someone else face the music, and then Uncle Jim can come back in a few years again … Rinse, repeat.

    1. This ties into Tuesday’s Whopper Watch, in which we note that a reporter from TVO (where the T is for Toronto) cited Mayor Watson’s reminder that politicians must stick around to see their major projects to their conclusion. My head spins with the spin we get from Laurier Avenue.

      1. Ron:

        It’s just astonishing. I could not believe that article. That’s how gullible many journalists are.




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