Why Election Tricksters Trick: Top 10 List


Former municipal city clerk Pierre Pagé gets his car wiped down with excrement.

The Bulldog is brute-force attacked and gets fake comment campaign directed from Montreal on The Bulldog.

So why do tricksters trick? We answer this question by way of a Top 10 List:


Why Do Tricksters Trick? Top 10 List

10. Fake Twitter followers demand action on Gray;


9. Tricksters are people, too;

8. Montreal tricksters demand much more transparency in Ottawa local news;

7. Tricksters need break from playing pong on Commodore 64;

6. Candidates’ imaginary friends are sick of Bulldog;

5. This menace named Gray must be stopped;

4.  Co-opted rest of media. Only Bulldog left;

3. It’s website dirty tricks or The Bulldog gets a wedgie;

2. He knows where The Bulldog lives;

1. Bulldog call me names. Make me and Teddy cry.



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One thought on “Why Election Tricksters Trick: Top 10 List

  1. Those 10 are all probably true-ish. The real reason is , like the scorpion said, – “It’s my nature”.


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