Why Endorse Bob Chiarelli? Bulldog On CFRA


Rob Snow, a long-time booster of The Bulldog (and much appreciated), invited news site editor Ken Gray onto CFRA on Monday to justify The Bulldog’s endorsement of Infrastructure Minister Bob Chiarelli in Ottawa West-Nepean riding.

To read the endorsement, click here. The CFRA interview is below:



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2 thoughts on “Why Endorse Bob Chiarelli? Bulldog On CFRA

  1. Ken:

    I think you made some points well. Many of us are not to happy with some things that have happened and many of us are wondering which party do I want to see at Queen’s Park?

    For the current government, I must give them a thumbs-up on shutting down coal but a thumbs-down on selling off some ownership in Hydro One. I must give them two thumbs-up for increasing the minimum wage and extending coverage for prescription drug benefits and trying to mitigate the cost of electricity. Sure, some money is being spent but the changes are past due. The next thing (that will cost money too) is trying to get social assistance payments up. I can see Premier Kathleen Wynne trying to tackle that issue next but I can’t see PC leader Doug Ford fixing what Harris totally screwed up.

    I must give three thumbs-down to what little Mr. Ford has put forward as policy and his Leave-It-To Beaver Era mind-set.

    Let’s all face it – with party politics, one doesn’t vote for the local candidate’s qualifications; one votes for the candidate who will put the leader of the party in the captain’s chair.

    I see too many body-language warnings and hear too many words coming from his mouth that make me uncomfortable. My spider-sense tingles when I see and hear him.

    I think I can live with a Wynne but I couldn’t live with promoting Ford to the top seat.


  2. Look at Chiarelli’s record as a MPP. What of worth has he done. Zilch.
    It has taken the current Government of Ontario 15 years to present small titillation’s to taxpayers. They have not followed through on any of their past promises and suddenly they present further promises.
    Look at the provincial debt … look at all of the other massive muck-ups … I disagree with your endorsement.
    An endorsement should be based on the most qualified representative for the region … look at the region he represents and tell me what he has done that has bettered the life of his constituents.


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